A potential new connection

I just applied to be a volunteer at a local children’s hospital.  No, this wouldn’t count towards CDE hours even if I were to work with kids with diabetes, but it might provide me with some connections to be hired on in a professional capacity somewhere, somehow…

This shouldn’t be so dang hard!  I have the whole CDE package PLUS some, except that I can’t get the actual certification… I have lived diabetes, I have used multiple different pumps throughout my diabetes “career”, I am a nurse, I have worked with adults, kids, pregnant mommies with gestational diabetes, infant of diabetic mothers, type 1, type 2, oral medications, insulins, carbohydrate counting, newly diagnosed people, etc.  What else could they want?!  Oh yeah… the actual stinkin’ certification in hand on hire.

I will not give up no matter how often I feel defeated by the process and the circles you have to go through.  This WILL happen in my career sometime, somehow, I’m just not sure how.


About triciamoore2

I am a registered nurse and aspiring CDE - I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years now. Any questions, feel free to send me a message.
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